Fearless and Loathing will be largely what you make it.

Our news briefs aren’t written to show student opinion; that’s left for your comments.  We’re going to work hard to bring you content that you want to talk about and give you a place to talk about it thoughtfully.  We will present the administration’s side to you so you can present your own to them.  Our news features will grow from our briefs.  You need to tell us what you want to read more about.  Ask us questions, and we’ll do our best to find you the answers.

One thing we’ve learned while putting this thing together is that the administration sees this college as yours.  Their paycheck comes from your tuition.  They work for us.  No reason other than laziness or apathy exists that keeps you from telling them how to do their job.  They’ll listen to us, right here and right now.

Tell your friends.  Start talking, and let’s take over this school.